2017 Employee Pulse Survey - Demonstration Presentation

This is a Spark Chart DEMONSTRATION project

Here are the results of an Employee Pulse Survey demonstration completed by respondents on the Spark Chart website. The survey had two aims:

  1. Provide an example of a Spark Chart survey.
  2. Present an example of the results and outline some of the Spark Chart presentation options.

We have created this Share with various Sparks to demonstrate how results can be broken down and shared. A Spark is a customized view of the results.  You can create as many Shares and Sparks as you wish and customize them for different audiences. Sparks can also contain filters. Multiple filters can be applied.

PRESENT and SHARE results in Spark Chart. There is no need to export!

Share results with a simple web link. Decide whether to protect with a password or make the results public for anyone with the link.


You can insert messages anywhere! The message that appears here can be easily edited in Spark Chart.


We have many survey templates to choose from. They can be used as-is or easily customized to suit any feedback need. You may also create any type of survey from scratch.

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0. Detailed Results (All Questions)

Comprehensive results for the entire survey, including all respondents, all question responses and all free text responses.

1. Demographics

Responses to the demographic questions in the Employee Pulse Survey. Demographic questions covered age, position level, employment type and length of service.

2. My Role

Responses to the questions about the person's role. Questions covered role clarity, support, resources and motivation.

3. Our Teamwork

Responses to questions about teamwork. Questions inluded cooperation, coaching, values and team motivation.

4. Our Leadership

Responses to questions about leadership. Questions covered vision, accessibility of leaders, encouragement and response to feedback.

5. Our Organization

Responses to questions about the organisations. Questions included vision and goals, vlues, perceptions of the business and intention to stay.


Free text responses to questions about "What I like best about working for our organisation" and "What I like least about working for our organisation" and "What I would most like to see changed in our organisation".

7. Executive/Senior Manager Responses

Results for all questions filtered to include only the responses by Executives and Senior Managers.